REVIEW album Bad Honey Awake Tonight (EP)

Bad Honey's 'Awake Tonight', Great For Your Lockdown Listening!

Awake Tonight (EP)

Bad Honey

South London female duo Bad Honey have released their soul induced, electro-pop EP - 'Awake Tonight'.

Riddled with rejuvenating Jazz tones and oozing with gloriously angelic vocals and scintillating synth scapes, this newest offering from the pair, unequivocally and unmistakably showcases not only their talent but emanates their unique sound which continues to build and grow.

Favourites from the EP are the cyclical 'Circles' and the subtly sweet 'Easily', which were released earlier this year and feel slightly more upbeat. They also have a leaning to more of a commercial pop undertone, but still are utterly in keeping with the Bad Honey vibe I know and love.

Additionally, the EP features two brand new tracks, - 'Stillness' and 'Blissfully Unaware', which are slowed and soothing, filled with sophisticated and thought provoking lyricism.

As a whole this project is sublimely smooth, soft and soulful, with hints of exploration and innovation throughout, put simply, it is the perfect soundtrack for lockdown listening and beyond.