REVIEW album Steve (Single)

“Steve” By Katie Wood, A Debut Single Ready To Put A Spell On You

Steve (Single)

When soft rock meets new romantic, the result are power ballads that leave their mark.
So in this debut, Katie Wood manages to reveal a talent in writing and a pop synthesis ability that will not go unnoticed. An innate skill to make everything terribly enigmatic and fascinating, through a sound that masterfully mixes sensuality and mystery.

In "Steve" the language is romantic, but also resolute, a snapshot of retro romanticism dripping synths like morning dew, and, in the distance, electric guitars roar while a velvety, personal, and vibrant voice cloaked in dark beauty, clouds our senses and hypnotizes us. A debut that arouses interest, an artist able to make us perceive the elements that make up her fairy world and to lure us into it like a perfect spell. By the Way... Who is Steve?