REVIEW album Sarah Gargano My Travel Diary (EP)

Atlantic Crossing!

My Travel Diary (EP)

Sarah Gargano

In these restricted times of non-existent global travel, the perfect tonic is a diligent uplifting surge. This, 21-year-old singer-songwriter Sarah Gargano, certainly delivers. New York-raised; she has recently spent her time in the UK, honing her craft and captivating audiences. This newly-released EP recorded in Nashville with producer Pete Stewart in Summer 2019, certainly embodies a sense of heartfelt nostalgia and reverence - far removed from any expected Americana leanings.

The first song ‘London’ is upbeat with Sarah’s pronounced rhythm guitar evoking a sense of childhood. You feel like she is exposing the pages in a properly-written diary. Quite heartwarming in this continuous climate of ego-driven blogs and social media. ‘Dear Juliet’ is an imagined letter to the protagonist from Shakespeare’s play. It is eloquent and infectiously delivered amid a contemporary lyrical sheen. Like ‘London’ this is inspired by her global travels, with a bittersweet sense of profound longing.

The final song ‘Murdered Angels’ is introduced in the style of ‘Old Folks’ by Simon and Garfunkel. Emotion is the key word here. Even more so as it is about her grandmother’s experience of fleeing Vienna to get to America during the Holocaust. Cinematic and cut-to-the-bone with perspective-driven lyrics.

The deal is definitely sealed for her Trans-Atlantic appeal. All in the space of ten minutes.