REVIEW album Lucas Rizzo Hell Of A Heaven (Single)

Lucas Rizzo Set For Huge Release 'Hell Of A Heaven'

Hell Of A Heaven (Single)

Lucas Rizzo

Lockdown may be in full swing, but that should not stop you from getting out your party moves and prevent you from bopping along to the new track from Lucas Rizzo.

Set for release on the 1st May, I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of it; I can genuinely say it impressed me massively with its mouth-watering melody and irresistibly likeable beat. For me, it is best to serve this one loud; very loud.

The single kicks off with a momentous lead which leads you in flawlessly. It follows an electronic theme, but yet it delves into a darker pop realm in places which is refreshing for a lover of dark undertones with upbeat rhythms. Lyrically, we see Lucas put on his wickeder side with talk of 'Venom' and 'Blaze'. But on the contrary, we also witness a pleasant juxtaposition with him speaking about 'Heaven'. I believe that is what the song is all about, a contrasting difficulty of good and evil.

'Hell Of A Heaven' as a whole is delivered very well. I am a big fan of the diverse range of sounds heard within the tight mix. I also, like the mysteriousness of the piece and there is a lot to offer on this track. But I would love to see a music video for the record; I am yet to find one; however, I believe that will be the icing on the cake.

Overall, a glorious release from the Italian born musician. I am eager to hear more and will be keeping a close eye on his music as we progress through 2020. I am sure he has plenty more bangers like this one up his sleeve.