REVIEW album Lucy May Walker Bad Day (Single)

An Excellent Song

Bad Day (Single)

Lucy May Walker

Following the release of her highly successful debut EP, 'Heartbreak Songs' in 2018, Lucy May Walker is working on something very special. Her next EP is titled 'Bad Day', which is also the name of the lead single.

"Do you hate someone not enough to wish anything awful on them, but for mild inconveniences to happen to them every day... Forever?" Because if so, this is the track for you. With an infectious melody, laugh out loud lyrics and impressive vocals, this is another outstanding song from Walker.

All the things you could possibly imagine going wrong in a day are listed in this song, which makes it even more relatable - as I am sure we have all had issues with a self-service checkout at some point. However, amongst all the humour is a very emotional storyline, as the song's main focus is somebody is involved in a controlling relationship. Upon listening, it feels as if this song is written as a response to the perpetrator. It is easy to get absorbed with the idea of someone you hate stepping on Lego whilst listening to this song, yet the last line really strikes a chord. As it is at this point you realise what the song is truly about.
This is what is so endearing about Walker- her music is excellently crafted to have an impact on the listener and to really make you think.

This is one of the best songs I have heard for a while, and it just makes the release of the EP that bit more exciting! Lucy May Walker really is one to watch, and there is no doubt in my mind she will achieve great things.

Can we get this song on the radio please?!