REVIEW album Dolche Roma (Single)

Dolche's New Single 'Roma': Poignant, Reflective, Joyous & Beautifully Melancholic

Roma (Single)


Dolche is the new project of the Italian/French singer-songwriter Christine Herin and sees the release of their debut single 'Roma' under this new monicker. A new album 'Exotic Diorama' is also on the way in October.

With a musical career that boasts countless albums and concerts around Europe, Dolche has an atypical and unique package of sounds and images. With the new track 'Roma', she is paying sweet homage to a famous capital city now bare, empty and eerily still following Covid lockdown but wants to show and tell the listener of the decadent and epic beauty of Rome. The resulting track (and, indeed, video) is emotionally moving as we experience its awesome desolate beauty from our own melancholy isolation.

The track also features sounds which were directly recorded in the city, from the Gianicolo hill including the ancient Vibraphonette. Dolche a multi-instrumentalist, plays all of the instruments on the track except for the cello and drums. This adds further depth.

What makes this track truly unique and poignant is the use of both the French and Italian languages. The artist chose to use both of them in this song to fully embrace her love affair for this city and her cultural background. It's that sensibility that helps make this track work on many emotive levels.

'Roma' has some dreamy and powerful soundscapes and it takes you on a voyage inside Dolche's unique mind. Evoking influences of Joni Mitchell and Aznavour, the track makes the listener feel reflective, channelling a mood of intimate melancholy with her wistful tender vocals.

But, to be clear, the song doesn't depress the listener at all. It works on so many levels that, in other circumstances, you could easily imagine being out in the sunshine listening to this track and feeling a sense of joy and optimism about what lies ahead - which is something we all need to hold on to right now.

Poignant, reflective, joyous and beautifully melancholic - you can embrace the gamut of human emotions with the sublime 'Roma'. Highly recommend.