REVIEW album Katie Veltri Catch Me (Single)

Katie Veltri Delivers 'Catch Me'

Catch Me (Single)

Katie Veltri

Katie Veltri is starting her summer with a bang. Her release, 'Catch Me' is catching on more than I reckon she could have imagined. I can see why. It is a song which is proving the artists quality with its sophisticated and contemporary vibe.

I first came across the US singer quite some time ago. I believe it was around the time she put out 'Deep Down', and that track did not do it for me. It was a solid track but was not ticking all the boxes I was expecting from the artist. Nevertheless, I can firmly say that this new release 'Catch Me' is becoming one of my favourites of the year.

'Catch Me' is distinct in its own right. I doubt you will find another artist replicating anything which is doing at present. I do hear influences in various places but nothing which would mirror another artist. Hats off to Katie for that. Music is all about giving a unique perspective and creating something distinct to the creator. I believe Katie has done that well here, and she wears her heart firmly on her sleeve.

Musically, we hear a soothing instrumental. The beat is pushed quite far in the mix, but it works by opening up the dynamics of the track. The guitar is blissfully delivered and echos a nostalgic vibe. Vocally, Katie sings with raw emotion, and that pays off in the delivery. Overall, I find myself quickly getting on the wavelength of the release. I also enjoy the fact that it boasts an R&B vibe too yet it stays distant from the convention.

Take a listen to 'Catch Me' by Katie Veltri and see what you think. If like me you relish fresh pop then this one is for you.