REVIEW album JOSHUi Ends (Single)

JOSHUi Is Back With 'Ends'

Ends (Single)


JOSHUi is a London rapper who is still relatively new on the hip hop scene. Yet, he does not lack charisma and experience. His latest single 'Ends' is proof of his determination and quality.

I first heard this track recently in self-isolation. That is all I spend my days doing now, finding new music. This track pleased me. It was what I needed having been pining for fresh, unique grime for quite some time. Grime at its best? That would be a bold statement, but this is up there with the greats like Wiley. Influences on this track for me vary, I can hear a Skepta vibe but yet a Stormzy influence too. Either way, it is a hybrid of all the things we need right now.

'Ends' is full of confidence and passion and caught me from the very start. It has a beat which rocked my speakers and possibly woke up the entire neighbourhood. JOSHUi delivers bar after bar with complete ease and grit. He pushes us into a new realm of rap with a unique and fresh angle of the popular genre.

Also, 'Ends' tells a meaningful story of how everything eventually ends. Let's face it; he has a point; everything does end. But it is how you let it end, which is the most important, and that is the message JOSHUi is expressing here with his latest release. Also, he speaks of how he has suffered from the result of losing friends and ones close to him. One thing he cleverly points out is that you need to find yourself on the right side. Also, do not fall into the trap of falling into something which is eventually going to be damaging. Great words JOSHUi and solid track.

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