REVIEW album Sports Team Going Soft (Single)

A Sports Team That Really Can Play

Going Soft (Single)

Sports Team

Sports Team are the new band we all need at the moment. Sounding like a 2020 version of Pulp or Squeeze with their driving guitar and drum based sound and slice of life lyrics. ‘Going Soft’ their second single has all the elements needed to be a massive crossover hit.

‘Going Soft’ is, on the face of it, the story of a group of friends who go out to a pool, but there is so much more to it than that. It has a chorus where the singer admits that he only listens ‘to old bands’ and he does it on CD ‘hoping it don’t skip’! There is an energy to the track that is absolutely irresistible and makes it a great follow up to their debut single, the masterful ‘Here’s the Thing’. Both tracks are teasers for their debut album ‘Deep Down Happy’ which already sounds like it could be a real belter.

Sports Team may have the DNA of some of those old bands, but they are bang up to date and ready to be the next big thing. If their upbeat, sardonic lyrics and their ear for a brilliant hook don’t get you up and dancing then you’ve been in lockdown for too long. When and if the summer finally does get started this could so easily be the soundtrack to it, blasting out of phones at the beach, at the park or at the pool.

Other sports teams may be out of action but this Sports Team has the potential to reach the top of the table!