REVIEW album Mustie Fantasma (Single)

Mustie Unleashes 'Fantasma'

Fantasma (Single)


Sheffield based electronic artist Mustie is back with a new single. The track comes ahead of his latest album which is expected anytime soon. 'Fantasma' takes us to a place of calm. I was not sure what to expect before I took a listen to this release, but it opened my ears.

It is a chill track, and it picks you up and takes you on a journey. Vocally, it is soft and expresses Mustie's emotion well. He is struggling due to a potential relationship breakdown. It is lyrically gifted and makes out as if he is now a ghost in the eyes of a once-loved one.

'How could you tell me you loved me, knowing you would go'? Mustie will not be the first to hear those words and then see a partner leave for the door. But, try and not get too worked out about it Mustie; it happens to the best of us. Nevertheless, I can hear his pain through his vocal and although sad for the artist, it does make for a great track. Therefore, you have to look at the positives.

Charismatic is another accurate way, to sum up, his performance here. But for some reason, the song feels short. I am still not sure why that is because it is sitting at almost 3 minutes in length. Maybe, it is because I wanted more?

The choice of instruments work well, and I like that he has deliberately made sure it is not overly complicated. Some artists do tend to add everything they hear into a mix. But, it often loses its feel and overall dynamics.

See what you think for yourself. If you are an electric chill fan, then I highly doubt you will be skipping it.