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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

For fans of M83, Mew & Mogwai, music not of this stratosphere...

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS: "Aelius have created a stunningly crafted slice of pop heaven with their track 'Echoes; beautifully paced, with sounds that suddenly creep up on you, make themselves known before dying out slowly within an endless echo of the track itself. With glimpses of the post-shoegaze brilliance of M83 and the otherworldly feel you get when listening to Mew, Aelius creates a sound that is perfectly created and delivered in such a striking way. Then it's all let loose. Guitars build up alongside the drums like if Mogwai soundtracked a skiing montage at the Winter Olympics, whilst a tender melody tries it's hardest to battle through your throbbing speakers. It's a great use of dynamics that really shapes the song, creating something that feels like a modern day 'Vienna' (Ultravox). Sample their music below, tell us what you think and if you agree with our review. We'll be interviewing the band soon, so keep an eye out for it!"
Aelius photographed by Carsten Windhorst / AELIUS are readying themselves for their debut release where dynamic, ethereal electronics crash into the bones of post-rock. The haunting debut track 'Echoes…' has been met with fiery hot response from blogs, heralding it a "magisterial beauty" and a "blazing synth anthem". The four-piece is headed by songwriters Martin Roberts and Lee Tyler, who are responsible for all aspects of the records production; programming, recording and mixing everything within the enclaves of their Soho studio. Having played sold out shows at both The Barfly and The Garage at the end of the year, the band has been met with a huge response after unleashing an impressive live show.

Gig at Servant Jazz Quarters on Thursday 20th:

Debut EP out Monday 17th: