REVIEW album Yulanda Sabrina Easier

Yulanda Sabrina Delights With 'Easier'

Yulanda Sabrina is the latest name to make it out of the London R&B scene. Her new track 'Easier' is proving to be a hit, which is astounding considering it was released only last week and it is also the first track in the singer's discography.

It is all about everything getting 'Easier', and I could not find a better track to sum up the times we are living through at present. Her message is hugely transparent, and the bright and emphatic delivery is catching the ear of not just mine, but also the industry big wigs.

It was last Friday when I got this track sent straight to my inbox, and it is hard for me to pinpoint anything hugely wrong with it. However, like every track I receive, I always try to balance the review with what works. Also, what could have made it even better.

The selling points here are the vocals for sure. Vocally, Yulanda Sabrina is luckily gifted. She oozes in confidence, and her secure deliver reflects this. She does not fall short of strong performance, and each note she sings out is flawless. However, a little more backing vocals here and there would not have gone amiss.

Moving onto the music, it is delightful. The synth is becoming a key player of many tracks this year, and it makes a great addition within 'Easier'. As a result, it is probably the most prominent player within the mix with even the beat taking more of a back seat. But, it would be great to hear a more varied instrument range. Also, a little more guitar in various places could have given it even more strength. Nevertheless, I do really like 'Easier', and I will be going back to it for many months.