REVIEW album Abel Razal Project 9

Abel Razal Shares Pop Gem 'Project 9'

Project 9

Abel Razal

Abel Razal is on fire with his new track ’Project 9’. Teaming up with M.A Teuwen, the songwriter has created a unique edge which comes full of nostalgic vibes.

Musically, the release is steady and has heaps amount of flavour from the very start. Interestingly, it contains an intro which gets us straight into the vocals. We hear this a lot now in contemporary music, and it works well on ’Project 9’.

Vocally, M.A Teuwen makes up the majority of the track with a top-quality vocal delivery. But we do hear Abel lending his vocal strength too at times with delicious backing melodies. The combination of the two vocals work in a blissful synergy and leaves you itching to hear more.

The focal point is definitely within the vocals, and I agree with the production choice to give the music more of a backseat within the mix. However, there are many occasions within the track where the music shouts out and grips you quicker than a leech stuck on your leg.

I am digging this track and the sound which Abel is putting out. It is not the most original piece but then again why change something which works so well? Also, I can hear many influences within the track, but it is nothing of a replica, and it is hard to find anything the same in the industry today.

Therefore hats off to the pair for coming up with a definite hit like this one. I will be keeping a close eye on their developments, and if this track is anything to go by, then we have lots to look forward to from these up and coming musicians.

You can listen to ‘Project 9’ below. I am sure you will love it.