REVIEW album Pleasure Trap Remedy (Single)

Pleasure Trap's New Single 'Remedy' : Innovative, Individual And Genre-Smashing

Remedy (Single)

Pleasure Trap

Innovative, individual and genre-smashing. These are not words you frequently hear these days about new artists, as it’s just hard to put anything original or something that hasn’t been done before, but, with Pleasure Trap a.k.a. Rory Kaye, these are legitimate accolades. The Brighton native describes the world as he sees it, through angst, humour, worry and dreams. He also deals with the aspects of compulsion, love and hedonism.

New single ‘Remedy’ follows tracks ‘Number 1’ and ‘Bad Idea’ and is a complete departure from those two previous tracks and is a song that can’t be pigeonholed just multi-genre.

Evoking the pop sensibilities of Ed Sheeran to the 80s vibe of New Kids on the Block and an evocative and real vocal delivery, Trap is an act to listen to. The track itself; a collection of catchy hooks, lyrical intricacy and fat beats is inspired by a broad variety of artists. There is also a nod to Joni Mitchel when he delivers the line... 'You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.'

Remedy is a deep and personal tale of romance at the end of its life. It deals with guilt, handling a break up badly, going off the rails and not looking after yourself.

There is a lot of intrigue I feel when listening to this track and Trap's previous two musical offerings. I like the youthful defiance in his delivery and how he embraces diversity and doesn't want to be confined to any particular genre. A bright future in a difficult world lies ahead.