REVIEW album Home State Call Me / Leave Me (Single)

Home State Delight With Electro-Pop Rock Anthem 'Call Me/ Leave Me'

Call Me / Leave Me (Single)

Home State

Home State are the freshest rock band to come of out New York in recent years. But, I find it astonishing that I have just come across the outfit. The guys have plenty of quality, and it shows just how exciting the indie scene is if you look around.

I came across their new release 'Call Me/ Leave Me' through my fresh new music search, and it is everything I need while in lockdown. It has strong vocals and lyrics which are hugely relatable for anyone who has been through a turbulent relationship. The foundation within the release is also well thought through. As a result, the band have sat down and worked through its structure in detail. You can hear the meticulous approach from the get-go, and it is no rushed job which is refreshing to hear.

What works well on the release? For me, the vocal arrangement and musical structure are the highlights. Also, they have left plenty open to the imagination with short pauses and breaks audible throughout. What do I think could be better? I would have liked to have heard a little more rock sounds coming out of the track. I am aware that the group have opted for the synth vibe, but a little more distortion on the guitar pedal would have made for an even more colossal sound.

The track stays beneath the average 3 mins and 30 seconds for a record like this. I feel that is the right decision because they sum everything up in the time they have. Also, they do like to delve away from the boring song structure, which we hear a lot these days, so a lot of credit goes to their songwriting prowess.