REVIEW album Near Death Experience Conquer (Single)

Near Death Experience Release 'Conquer'

Conquer (Single)

Near Death Experience

Indie rockers Near Death Experience are back and are flying high on their new release 'Conquer'. It is a single which takes you on a rollercoaster ride with its charismatic and robust delivery.

'Conquer' is the feel-good and uplifting track we all need right about now. The energy the band possess leaks out from the first chord. There is no time for half measures with NDX putting out there all from the get-go. It starts with a neat yet bizarre guitar lead in a style we do not hear too often. It may even be on the bass, but either way, it sounds great. Ask me who it reminds of, and I could not tell you an exact match, but I have heard a similar thing being done before by U2. It is like a vibrating effect on the note, which makes for a very interesting listen.

We are then in with a killer vocal performance from lead singer Ian who emphasises 'She Came She Saw, She Conquer'. I could not help but feel a Duran Duran style within his methods. But, yet edgier and with far more grit. The chorus is the real highlight. It is enormous with an extensive instrumental section and a far more profound and poignant vocal performance. It comes full of catchy hooks and a melody which will get stuck deep inside your mind. The guitar lead we heard in the intro keeps constant throughout the majority of the track, which I feel is a little too much. It does not change in style much; therefore, a bit of variance and more fluidity there would have worked wonders.

Nevertheless, it is an excellent release from the UK rock group. They are going from strength to strength, and if you love the best in indie, then you will love this one.