REVIEW album Ozark Henry We Will Meet Again (Single)

Ozark Henry's 'We Will Meet Again' Beautifully Paints The Lockdown Emotions We Have All Been Feeling

We Will Meet Again (Single)

Ozark Henry

United Nations Goodwill ambassador, an influential voice in immersive sound, producer, composer and pioneer are just some of the tags linked to Belgian artist Ozark Henry (real name Piet Goddaer) who has just released new single ‘We Will Meet Again.’ And be aware - this has nothing to do with the war time classic by Vera Lynn, although the sentiment is very similar given the sadness evoked by the COVID lockdown isolation we are all experiencing.

'For every sin, there is a saint, for every fish a different bait, please sign here under your name your fate is sealed as of today.’ Opening with those lyrics accompanied by a gentle piano and a sweeping lush soundscape immediately captures the listener and sets the tone for the rest of the track. A real avant-garde classical composition and the ultimate chill track to listen to in the glorious sunshine. In lockdown of course - at least for the moment.

Like many of us going through lockdown COVID-19, it can either inspire you to create or go in the total opposite direction and fortunately for the music fan we have ‘We will meet again’ was born to capture, like a photographer, the pivotal moment in time we are all living through. The track was written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Ozark Henry and really does highlight how far he has come and matured lyrically over the last two decades.

'We were only getting started we were hardly on our way not to end up broken-hearted nor to tame a hurricane.' This sums up our powerlessness at our situation but also the poignancy of it and how we perhaps value each other differently now. Beautiful track. No it's not me crying, it's you.