REVIEW album VELVE X To The Million

The Album 'X To The Million' By Velve Presents Electro Art Pop At It's Finest

X To The Million


Child prodigy, singer, producer, journalist, actor and multi-instrumentalist are already some of the long list of achievements of German artist Velve. She is a trained jazz singer and guested for many German Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) artists before deciding to produce her own music.

Her new electropop album ‘X TO THE MILLION’ is made up of fifteen tracks of ambient bass driven soundscapes. The album takes me back to the rave days of the early to mid-nineties, and that’s a good thing. It kicks off with the epic 'Eminence' that grabs you instantly with the arabesque tribal beat that morphs into something quite ethereal.

By the time you get to lead single ‘Epsilon’ with its catchy ambient bass-driven groove, I’m totally invested in this collection of work. This is by far her strongest LP to date and standouts for me are the pulsating instrumental of ‘Edges’, the hauntingly epic ‘Black Hole’ and one of my personal favourites ‘Hangover’, which to me, could fit seamlessly into a classic horror film.

No drum beat, bass or synth is ever repeated, each track has its individual sound vocabulary and story to tell, it's hard not to completely loose yourself in this album. There is no point on this album where you do not think each sound is deliberate and has a purpose. True storytelling by an artist who knows what she wants to say and comfortable in her own skin. All (electro) power to Velve.