REVIEW album Cinzia & The Eclipse Don't Call Me Up (Single)

Cinzia & The Eclipse Release "Don't Call Me Up"

Don't Call Me Up (Single)

Cinzia & The Eclipse

Lead by emotional strength and honesty; singer songwriter Cinzia & The Eclipse has become one of the most authentic and vulnerable voices of her generation. Through self-discovery with music, her serene melodies and relatable lyrics have created an honest bond between her and her listeners. Truth to be told, it was only after a flawed attempt at writing for other people that Cinzia decided to take the plunge and simply be the artist and writer.

"Don't Call Me Up", tells the story of a protagonist trying to move on – not because she wants to, but because she knows she has to. There’s no relationship to be made here. We know he doesn’t love her, but not once does she say she doesn’t love him.