REVIEW album Misty Shape Midnight Train

Misty Shape Captivate With 'Midnight Train'

Midnight Train

Misty Shape

Misty Shape have just released their new single 'Midnight Train'. It is a track which will resonate well with many with its heartfelt and bold lyrics.

Structurally, the group do something new. Unlike the band's previous releases, they start pretty softly. That vibe follows the track throughout, and it is a more ballad style record from the group. It sounds similar to some of the Bond soundtracks we have heard in recent years, and it follows an uncanny resemblance within its foundation. The chorus is the real force of the track. Everything picks up in this section with all musicians powering through with quality and a vocal which shouts volumes.

Vocally, the band are exciting. We hear a diverse octave range and vocalist Elena transitions between soft and gritty vocals effortlessly. Also, the group have a knack for crafting empowering lyrics, and we hear their story clear as day on this track. But, yet they leave a lot open to the imagination too, which is interesting for any listener.

Overall, I am enjoying this new track from Misty Shape. Yes, it is different from what they would usually deliver, but it works very well. I like how they can switch up their sound in an instant, and that is what makes it the authoritative record it is. But, the band still have a lot to prove. They are still very early on in their career and to cement their name even deeper into the history books, they will need to keep providing hits like this one. But, from having checked their online footprint, they are growing daily, and their sound is improving with each release they put out.

So, fancy listening to something which will move you and provide you with a rock and pop edge? Check it out below.