REVIEW album Meg Lawrenson Use My Body (Single)

Meg Lawrenson Delights With 'Use My Body'

Use My Body (Single)

Meg Lawrenson

Meg Lawrenson is a name which I am sure we will be hearing a lot more of in the coming months. She comes fresher than a bag of apples and her new release 'Use My Body' is proof that she has heaps of quality. She is an indie-pop artist but also brings a country vibe with her new track. It is great to see her delve into new areas within her sound, and there is just about something for everybody with this one. It gets going in pure energetic form. We hear her open with a bang with a thumping drum beat and a guitar lead which pulls us in quicker than a Usain Bolt sprint on a race track. Vocally, she delights, and we hear her open her vocal cords in style with her transitioning within her octave range seamlessly. It is the first track from this aspiring new name which I have come across, and I am still asking myself why? Her previous records also bring a vast amount of likeability. However, 'Use My Body' is shining brightly in distinction. The singer likes the indie rock sound, and she blends that with her more soothing and poppy vocal tremendously well. Nevertheless, I would like to hear Meg add more grit into her vocal punch. I think she still has, even more, to boast here and although the vocal is on top form, a bit more push could have added even more flavour. Overall, it is a truly great track from the upcoming British pop artist. I am eager to hear what else she has in store, but if 'Use My Body' is anything to go by, then we are all in for a treat with her upcoming releases.