REVIEW album Complex Where We Came From (Single)

Complex Unleashes 'Where We Came From'

Where We Came From (Single)


Complex is a new name for me. I only came across his latest track a few days ago having been sent it by his promoter, but it feels like I know him well. His music brings a sense of nostalgia, and it feels like I have heard him before. But, that may be just because his sound is reminiscent of many of the greats in this genre. Nevertheless, he is original too. His vocals are truly unique, and I do not know anyone else doing a similar thing as he is, which is refreshing to hear. He articulates with passion, and his lyrics reflect his childhood and the memories he has of his home town. For me, he follows a similar lyrical path as artists like The Streets and early Alex Turner. He is relatable, and that is what makes a track like his so powerful. Musically, 'Where We Came From' is pretty toned down. It has plenty of Hip Hop flavour but yet delves into a poppy space too. It opens with a harrowing backing vocal effect whirling around the speaker. It is in then in with a pretty hefty sounding backbeat and a sublime singing performance from the Brit. He is smart with his approach. He transitions between a singing quality and a rap very well. His rap hits home, and he delivers bars as if he was born for this. Catchy is one of the easiest ways, to sum up, the chorus. It is repetitive, but it works. Complex empathises where we are today is because of where we came from. Listen to Complexes lyrics carefully, and you will hear the emotion dripping out. Therefore, it is not a track to turn a blind eye too.