REVIEW album HM Johnsen Serenity (Single)

HM Johnsen's Young Age Belies Huge Musical Maturity With New Single 'Serenity'

Serenity (Single)

HM Johnsen

When you have already been awarded the 2018 Norwegian Blues Union Artist, toured in Norway, Germany with over 50 shows in 2018 by the age of 22, it is easy to understand an artist feeling a little pressure. But, 23-year-old HM Johnson shows no signs of pressure with new single ‘Serenity’. The Norwegian born singer, songwriter and composer definitely has a talent for writing acoustic driven guitar bluesy pop. And has a maturity in his songwriting you don't usually see in someone so young. He says the track was inspired by watching a tram full of people in Berlin simply glued to their phones. It was moving to Berlin that has proved to be a turning point in his life, and feels he has never ever been so musically productive and inspired by the culture and free-spirited people of Berlin. His voice reminds me of a young Brandon Boyd of Incubus fame and sounds refreshing, soulful and crisp and definitely compliments the acoustic elements of the track. I particularly love the line ‘How far out must I swim, before I find my own serenity.’ The song itself musically reminds me of a cross between Incubus and early Nelly Furtado, and is the lead single from a forthcoming E.P. of the same name. I can honestly say I cannot wait to hear more from this young artist and what he has done with the other tracks to be released. One. To. Watch.