REVIEW festival Subba Fest - Not Live, All Aid

Subba Fest - Not Live, All Aid

Get excited, like properly excited… Subba Fest is coming to a screen near you!

The last few months have been tough for a lot of people. Nearly everyone on the planet has been affected in some way by the impact of COVID-19; whether it’s being apart from friends and family as a result of social distancing, changes to employment and working or even catching the virus and being unwell. For most of us, we've stayed home to stay safe, while our front-line workers have become our everyday heroes supporting those in need, at great personal risk to themselves.

Inspired by these incredible people, the Subba-Cultcha team decided we’d like to lend our support by trying to raise as much money as possible for charities supporting front-line workers. We’ll be hosting "Subba Fest – Not Live, All Aid", featuring an array of amazing up-and-coming artists. It will be hosted on our YouTube channel from June 26-28th and all money raised will be donated to Direct Relief and NHS Charities Together.

Who's performing?

We’ve curated performances from more than 50 awesome artists from across North America, the UK and Europe, covering nearly every genre of music available - it’s shaping up to be a cracking weekend of (not) live music! We’re adding more artists all the time, but so far confirmed we have: Georgia & The Vintage Youth, Jasmine Ward, Lorna Dea, Kieran Taylour, Caitlin McCarthy, Leanne Jeffers, Maddox Jones, Ellie Moon, Sam Johnson, Steven Malcolm, Caiine, Madeliene, Three Of Us and Jekyll & Family Jools.

What do you mean ‘(not) live’ music?

The digital festival will feature recorded performances directly from the artists – captured raw and untouched from their homes. It will be free to access, but as the event is designed to raise money for charity, we've created a "donation ticket". Tickets are $5/£5/€5 (or however much you’d like to donate) and all money raised through ticket sales will be going to the charities, aside from a very small service fee.

Why is Subba Fest happening?

In short, we miss live music. With all physical shows and festivals cancelled for the foreseeable, we wanted to create something a bit different for music fans around the world – and do our bit for front-line charities. We also wanted to provide an opportunity for great up-and-coming artists to be heard at a time when, sadly, all live music venues have fallen silent. So Subba-Fest will bring you exclusive performances from lots of different artists – some names you’ll know and others you might not, yet. That’s the joy of music festivals – creating a memory with the musicians you love, but also stumbling across a new band or singer on the verge of breaking through.

Follow us across our socials for further announcements as we get closer to the 26th and if you'd like to donate by buying a ticket, simply click the orange "Buy Ticket" button at the top of the page!

We look forward to (not) seeing you on the 26th!!

To watch Subba-Fest on our YouTube channel from 8PM GMT head to:

Facebook: @byfansforfans

Insta: @subba_cultcha_com

Twitter: @subbacultchacom