REVIEW album Jose Alberto Tamayo Diaz Cualquiera Resbala Y Cae (Single)

'The Nightingale' Brings Us Cuban Dance Beats With 'Cualquiera Resbala Y Cae'

Cualquiera Resbala Y Cae (Single)

Jose Alberto Tamayo Diaz

When you put together Cuban musical heavyweights José Alberto Tamaño Díaz "El Ruiseñor” and Candido Fabré to collaborate, you can be assured that what you get is something with flavour, great beats, lyrics and something to make you dance. And dance we did (in lockdown obviously). With new single “Cualquiera Resbala Y Cae” that is exactly what the listener gets. The track which means anyone who slips and falls is taken from his third album “Mi Tumbao” and has been produced and arranged by triple Latin Grammy award winner Geavanis Alcantara Lopez. It is upbeat, fun and just makes the listener want to escape to the beach, drink margaritas and dance the night away. Or in my case, it reminds me of all the barbeque scenes in the multiple Fast and Furious films where the soundtrack is probably the best thing about them. The song reminds me of other Latino artists Thyago Santos, Alex Roy and Ji Rodrigues and Diaz, better known as “El Ruiseñor” (nightingale) is something of a legend in his native Cuba having been on the scene for over 30 years and to this day still performs every Saturday in the main street of his town of Bayamo where the road is closed and turned into a street night club with seating and food. So whilst on lockdown cook up something spicy, grab a drink and play some of 'the nightingale' on full. Oh and definitely dance.