Sensational Aussie Songstress TIA, Releases Debut EP



Hot on the heels of her debut single, ‘Coke & Mentos’, which hit the airwaves on radio stations around the world, is Sydney singer-songwriter Tia Beale’s debut EP, ‘TIA’. Championed by industry heavy weights, the EP was recorded with and produced by musical veteran Steve Clisby, features a remix by the talented Chew FU, and is even being distributed by MGM. Tia grew up surrounded by a rich tapestry of music - her dad hailing from Barbados and her mum from Ireland - which has allowed her to explore and navigate a glorious fusion of genres within her own music. In no way an amateur, the stylish 20-year-old, who hails from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, then went on to study at Sydney’s Australian Institute of Music (AIM), originally dreaming of becoming an actor, which can be seen from her stunning performance in her incredibly aesthetic video for track ‘Do It Over’. A glimmering 5-track EP, ‘TIA’ is mellifluous pop-fuelled catalogue, comprising ‘Keep on Coming Back’, ‘Do It Over’, ‘Synergy’ and critically acclaimed debut single ‘Coke & Mentos’. ‘TIA’ blends a mix of passionate ballads, such as ‘Do It Over’, a track that speaks lyrically of the devastating loss Tia felt when a close friend committed suicide; with the more soulful, chilled-out likes of ‘Synergy’ and the attitude-filled ‘Keep on Coming Back’, along with loaded, feel-good vibes in the form of the bubbly, summery ‘Coke & Mentos’. Combining an impressive vocal range with catchy backing melodies, Tia succeeds in creating a glitteringly diverse EP for any mood. You’re guaranteed an ear worm from any of her tracks!

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