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Radio Room's '92//93' Is An Inspired Exhibit Of A Debut

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Debuting their full length studio album, '92||93', Radio Room have laid themselves bare with a very organic record.


The Irish quartet came together in 2011 and saw their fan base expand as they released several EP’s, supported Kids in Glass Houses on tour, put out a few music videos and even embarked on a solo tour of their own.

It was in 2014 that the band decided to fly out to Chicago to meet up with Steve Albini - whose work includes Nirvana and The Pixies - to record a live album, without any computer editing. With final touches from Fergal Davis, the final product was a honest album that allowed for a glance into their souls.

The first track, "What You Heard", opens with an engaging run of synchronised guitar work and drumming before vocalist, Robbie Murphy takes the spotlight. Even within the first minute of track one, the listener realises that there is something very honest about Radio Room. There’s a raw edge to every component.

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Radio Room - About You"About You" from our upcoming album 92||93 - available May 19th!Limited edition vinyl pre-order packages are available now at pre-orders available at:Google Play - - - Posted by
Radio Room on Thursday, 9 April 2015

"Better Now" sees Murphy’s mix of singing and something that verges on rapping breathe life into the track. The varying tempo keeps the listener invested, while the song builds and then peaks with a gang vocal in the final minute of the track; "My lungs devour the chances of breathing".

"Who We Owe", is fueled by high energy drumming that drives the track forward at a really great pace. The guitar has a distant quality to it, almost creating a sort of dreamy atmosphere, which works really well and is a recurring element throughout the record.

Following suit, the final track,"Curtain Call" is a mixture of clashing cymbals, raw vocals and the perfect combination of clean and distorted guitar work. Personally, this is a favourite in terms of Murphy’s vocal capabilities.

An inspired exhibit, ‘92||93’ is a great debut for the band. Grunge, punk and rock influenced, the album is an interesting marriage of genres and the fact that Radio Room opted for a passionate, live approach, only adds to the experience for the listener.

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Words by Renette van der Merwe