REVIEW album The Lagoons So Did I (Single)

The Lagoons Share New Track "So Did I"

So Did I (Single)

The Lagoons

The Lagoons, composed of Ryan and Joey Selan, found music at a young age. Their love for music evolved to writing, producing and recording all of their own music in their home studio and have become multi-instrumentalists along the way. "So Did I" is a love song about the strength of the connection between a mother and a daughter versus the strength of the love of two partners. The song is inspired by being in love and loving someone as much as a mother loves her children. The song took shape thinking about the relationship between a girl and her mother versus a girl and her future husband. It’s about the transition of growing up and finding someone to create your own family with. It’s about leaving home, finding love, and the evolution of that happening all over again.