REVIEW album Gabi Garbutt Genet's Journey (Single)

Gabi Garbutt Returns With New Synth Based Twist

Genet's Journey (Single)

Gabi Garbutt

Gabi Garbutt has been making a name for herself over the last couple of years with a string of big, stomping singles like "The Fool" and "Lady Matador", usually with her big backing band The Illuminations firing on full (soul) power. Constructed in lockdown without them, however, 'Genet's Journey' is a different take on her sound, adding drum machines and synths in place of the trademark piano and brass. No bad thing either, as it gives a fresh perspective on her evergreen lyrics, which remain as poetic as ever, detailing a trip around the human body with that French novelist so beloved of David Bowie, Mr Jean Genet. Having already been adopted by a host of celeb fans including The Libertines, Edwyn Collins and FrankTurner, Gabi is due to tour the UK with the Boomtown Rats in October, social distancing notwithstanding. In the meantime, this is one cerebral jaunt you want to miss out on taking.