REVIEW album Mikey Votano Shut Up & Dance (Single)

Mikey Votano Delivers Rockabilly Fun With His Cover Of 'Shut Up & Dance'

Shut Up & Dance (Single)

Mikey Votano

Aussie music artist, performer and long-time Chuck Berry fan, Mikey Votano, has released a fun, rockabilly version of Walk The Moon’s monster hit ‘Shut Up & Dance’. (“Who hasn’t”, you say? Read on!)

First of all, it’s very well done: You can tell by its execution that Mikey Votano grew up loving the vintage sound and indeed, apparently he cut his teeth in various jazz bands and playing to crowds in sweaty clubs packed with similarly minded lovers of swing, soul & rock n’ roll. He is also no stranger to making ‘authentic sounds’- even recording with his band, The Originals, using solely pre-1955 gear, cutting straight to tape in a method of recording rarely used since the 50s. This kind of dedication made him a hit on the vintage circuit. His handsome Italian good looks certainly add to the 50’s Dreamboat 5 image too. So, to clarify: it sounds fun and is sonically authentic to boot.

Secondly, who cares if it’s been done before? Let’s be clear, this single isn’t treading any new territory here. Scott Bradlee or The Baseballs, or some similar artists, may well have done this already as it’s a song that lends itself easily to the reinterpretation without changing much. In that sense, it’s everyone’s favourite karaoke song. This version of the track, however, just asks one thing of you – to embrace the fun of it all and have a ball. Votano, to his credit, lifts the track effortlessly into more vintage, joyful swing dance territory that even your gran and aunts would have a bop to in their own private lockdown party, or even in a boozy Zoom call with your mum. Admit it: you’d be doing exactly that too. It’s family friendly fare and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

If you are part of a vintage scene, or if you simply enjoy a rock n rollin’ good time, 50’s style guitar and sax solos (and a huge dollop of nostalgia) - then this track is definitely for you. I, for one, will happily and unashamedly bop till I drop round the kitchen to this track. G’wan, you know you want to. Guilty pleasures are there for a reason. If it feels good, why not play it and enjoy the hell out of it?