REVIEW album Hearts Hearts Rub My Eyes (Single)

Hearts Hearts Are Beating Again

Rub My Eyes (Single)

Hearts Hearts

When a group you have always enjoyed listening to go quiet for a while there is always an air of expectation. It usually indicates new music is on the way and you can’t wait to see how it fits in with their previous output. This is the case with Hearts Hearts, whose debut album ‘Young’ was the first one I ever reviewed on Subba-Cultcha in 2016. I loved it and I loved their follow up ‘Goods/Gods’ in 2018. Now 2 years further on a new single ‘Rub my Eyes’ has appeared.

From the first notes of the synth introduction, the excitement I felt when listening to this group came flooding back. They are steeped in 80s electronic music, but they have always been able to add something new to it. The sound of the early album, which had more in common with the more doom-laden sound of late 80s Depeche Mode has evolved with a pop sensibility that makes this song irresistible. They have used the synth in a way that reminds me of Vince Clarke’s work with Yazoo but as ever they have definitely adapted the sound to fit their more European aesthetic. It kind of reminds me of Kraftwerk letting their hair down after a long day’s recording! The vocals flow over the music with their hope that when you rub your eyes things will get back to normal. I can’t imagine a more fitting lyric for these unfamiliar times. As the choral style backing vocals come in the Hearts Hearts sound of the earlier albums makes itself felt but in a more positive way. It is a fantastic song and I am really pleased to see one of my favourite groups return with such a strong track. Surely a third album can’t be too far away!