REVIEW album Tali Shear Fool (Single)

Tali Shear Releases 'Fool'

Fool (Single)

Tali Shear

Tali Shear is a name new to myself. I was not aware of her talent before receiving her latest track 'Fool', but I am glad I arrived at the party now as opposed to later. She is a vocal machine, and her new record will undoubtedly cement her name in the pop heavyweights category of 2020.

'Fool' is an angelic release with plenty of likeabilities. It all kicks off with a soft and gentle piano lead which leads us to an impeccable vocal performance from the London up comer. She sings with plenty of poignances, and her emotion is genuine within her performance. The track follows a somewhat toned down structure. Furthermore, we do not hear anything more than the robust piano foundation and the upfront vocal from Tali. But, I like that, this track does not need a stout mix, and the rawness adds to its underground feel.

Is 'Fool' the first of its kind? Probably not. But, what Tali does bring is a blend of yesteryear mixed with plenty of new elements. She provides a clear story also with her performance. She opens up about her love encounters, and it is great to hear her singing with integrity. But, a little more variance here and there would have added even more flavour to the already colossal sound she boasts.

Overall, it is a stellar track from Tali Shear. She is taking giant leaps with each release, and this new track is simply awe-inspiring. It grips, captivates and takes us on an unforgettable journey. As a result, it would not surprise me to hear this one making its way into playlists for many months to come.