REVIEW album Emanuel Session 1: Disillusion (EP)

Emanuel Releases Poignant Debut EP On Juneteenth - 'Session 1: Disillusion'.

Session 1: Disillusion (EP)


Poignantly released on Juneteenth, young rising artist Emanuel has debuted his EP - 'Session 1: Disillusion'. Released into a world of uncertainty, social unrest and protesting, amidst the ever looming fear of a global pandemic, it seems rather poetic that such a body of work enter into the musical cosmos at such a time.

Seemingly coinciding with the artistic intention, Emanuel reflects the emotions and contemplates the current era he is experiencing with an undisputed grace and artistic flair, along with the necessary grit and raw emotion needed to embody truth, authenticity and genuity throughout.

With rich, enticing vocals that draw you in deeply, you find your ear hooked to each and every word, nuance and breath. Mesmerised, with the rarity and rawness. Trance like you are encompassed by the journey as Emanuel unveils his process of coping with a disillusioned idea of life through alternative coping mechanisms such as sex, drugs, self - assessment and relationships.

Diverse, emotive and relatable, it explores the fragility, the ever introspective nature and undeniable resilience of the human form and psyche, proving 'Session 1: Disillusion' is an EP in a league all of its own.