REVIEW album Izakman Cyber Love (Single)

Izakman's ‘Cyber Love’ Is A Unique & Musically Immersive Experience

Cyber Love (Single)


‘Cyber Love is the debut single from Israeli artist Izakman (aka Itamar Isaak). Described as a ‘cosmic troubadour’, although his sound is modern, there are noticeable traces of 60s pop harmonies and ‘Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds’ type psychedelia against a backdrop of distorted guitars.

The outcome is cyber-dreamy and the subject matter, perhaps never more relevant – in lockdown more than ever I have found myself leaning on social media and the virtual world. ‘Cyber Love’ was spawned from a feeling of alienation, and deals with reaching out across cyberspace, social media platforms and dating apps and the struggle to make a true and meaningful connection. Izakman sings, ’looking at your picture, gazing at your smile, I tried to contact you, we might be Facebook friends, it ended there, can’t think about a better message to send’.

Izakman certainly conjures up an air of mysterious allure, and the video that accompanies ‘Cyber Love’ is a clever and quirky affair, think data, twinkling lights and elements of Sign language, Morse and Braille incorporated. It makes sense when you learn that Izakman is also an award-winning animator so clearly his personal well of creativity runs very deep.

‘Cyber Love’ is a unique & musically immersive experience, a truly interesting debut release from a genuinely 'far out' and unique artist to watch out for. What comes next is anyone's guess.