REVIEW album Shaima Outsider (Single)

Shaima Celebrates Difference & 'Otherness' With Single 'Outsider'

Outsider (Single)


Shaima has a fresh, and soulful pop voice. She playfully refers to her unique blended sound as ‘Bolly Beat’ -a blend of pop, hip-hop and R&B with a modern edge, but including traditional instruments such as sitar, Arabic flute and table. Her new single, ‘Outsider’ carries an important message of positivity and acceptance.

Growing up in West London Shaima was the only Muslim Asian girl at school, and wasn’t allowed to have boyfriends or go to house parties etc. She battled with feeling like an outcast before realising fitting in isn’t everything – and uniqueness and differences should be celebrated. And, indeed, that is exactly what her latest single 'Outsider' is all about, and it is a timely mantra for everyone to identify and ally themselves with.

The lyrical themes of ‘Outsider’ also touch on the recently sadly highlighted global issues of racism – but gives the listener some useful 'tools' to deal with the issue alongside the core message of hope, strength and staying true to yourself. It's about being bold, staying strong, embracing your uniqueness - and you will succeed.

Shaima does all the above with a sound that’s all her own, while remaining accessible to listeners across the board. It’s a talent that has not gone unnoticed – with accolades for her previous work including BBC Asian Network and Clash who called her ‘An international force’.

Shaima is certainly one to watch. An outstanding album cannot be far behind her latest, extraordinarily gutsy single of strength and hope. Watch this space.