REVIEW album The Beauty Of Gemina Apologise (Single)

The Beauty Of Gemina Take Us Down A Baroque-Goth Rabbit Hole With 'Apologise'

Apologise (Single)

The Beauty Of Gemina

The UK may be a little behind the curve when discovering some great bands. The Beauty Of Gemina are one of them. More widely known in the rest of Europe, the Swiss band are now releasing their debut UK single 'Apologise', but already have 15 years and 9 album releases under their belt.

The band are classed as indie-rock but are undeniably embracing their darker side musically and lyrically. I know some music fans consider goth a dirty word these days, but I’m (proudly) not one of them. It’s an enduring underground scene and one that will never go away. If your ears are attuned to the timeless musical beauty of The Cure - if you like Peter Murphy or (dare I say it!) if you know who Gene Loves Jezabel or London After Midnight are, then fall down the baroque-goth rabbit hole with The Beauty of Gemina!

Frontman Michael Sele unfortunately had to undergo major heart surgery last year, with songs written during his recovery the results are understandably melancholy and intense – a new album ‘Skeleton Dreams’ awaits us and has certainly caught my interest.

Sadly, the bleakest of times brings forth the most beautiful music, in my opinion. Cheery pop tunes won’t touch you like this will. The Beauty Of Gemina are dark, elegant and immaculate… and just waiting for the UK to discover them.