REVIEW album Dolche Criminal Love (Single)

Dolche's 'Criminal Love' Possesses A Haunting, Soaring & Ethereal Quality

Criminal Love (Single)


Ethereal, creative, unique and quirky are just some of the words that spring to mind when checking out Dolche’s latest single, ‘Criminal Love’.

Many artists' experience multiple line-up changes, but Christine Herin has gone through multiple name changes instead, in her already incredible 20-year music career as an artist, performer and collaborator with more than 500 European concerts under her professional belt. The Italian-French songwriter has settled on Dolche, embracing genres including folk, world music, classical and electronic and bending them to her unique musical-will to create unique soundscapes and lyrical tales.

Dolche’s folk tinged edge and presentation, specifically with ‘Criminal Love’ and its beautiful monochrome, choreographed video, puts me in mind of Goldfrapp’s ‘Seventh Tree’; Dolche’s voice has a haunting, soaring and ethereal quality. A love song, narrating both the positive and the negative emotions,’ Criminal Love’ paints the picture of a true relationship and its many facets; passion, peace, attraction… even regret. Dolche herself has many stories to tell; a proud member of the LGBT community, she is married and currently pregnant with her first child – this song was penned in celebration of her relationship with her wife.

Dolche continues to be one to watch, with her distinctive musical style - eclectically blending art, music and current themes with the confident flourish of her own unique narrative. Her album 'Exotic Diorama' coming in October will, no doubt, be a fascinating body of work.