REVIEW album The Otherness Move On (Single)

Move On... And Move Up

Move On (Single)

The Otherness

'Move On', the latest single by The Otherness a rock band from Argentina is exactly the kind of song I wanted to hear today.

From the guitar intro, I could tell it was a good one. Big, distorted, melodic guitars with a nice bouncing riff. Drums crash in and find the beat and it settles into a really quite catchy thing.

Vocals are sung by the frontman Martin, and his brother Gonzalo takes more of a back seat on this one (although it's not at the back and he probably wasn’t sitting down either). It's the classic, Otherness winning combination, and it gets better with the years.

I believe they have a new guitarist, and either he wasn’t playing lead on the track and it was taken by either Martin or Gonzalo, or he may have been waiting for a more suitable song to try and push to the fore a bit. Either way, the guitar is very befitting of the sound of the band and nice and intricate.

I am looking forward to hearing more from this new(ish) line up. The two brothers, plus the drummer Pablo have been playing together for some time now - and you can tell.