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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

For those of you who have partied hard this Bank Holiday, most likely slumming it on the sofa with your blanket watching Jeremy Kyle, well turn it off because we've got the perfect remedy for that Bank Holiday hangover - new music! With festival season quickly approaching you'll be sure to catch some of these artists in one of many fields this year, so why not get ahead of the others and make yourself a fan now.

-The Mono Lp's

For lovers of The Black Keys, Band of Skulls and Arctic Monkeys latest stuff then you will most definitely like The Mono LP’s. The cool, quick vocals against the classic sharp electric guitar are simple guidelines for any Indie band wanting to sound rough around the edges and believe it or not it works. Though the video to “Emilia” with a lady carrying shopping bags isn’t quite so cool and rough around the edges.

-Du Blonde

Ok so as artists to watch live go, Du Blonde definitely fits into this category. Her new single "Hunter" is from her upcoming album 'Welcome Back To Milk' which comes out on the 18th May.  She's going to be touring up and down the country and we cannot wait to catch a gig.  Words that we associate with this track (in no particular order); awesomeness, cider, field, sunshine, mud, stunning vocals, cheery, uplifting oh and of course... brilliant!

-The Rebel Light

When a song starts with “ba,ba,ba,baa”- no it’s not the child nursery rhyme it’s The Rebel Light’s “Strangers” and by the time the chorus kicks it it’s actually a rather catchy song and you’ve forgotten about the “ba,ba,baa’s”; maybe The Rebel Light’s should forget about it too. Despite us picking at this, “Strangers” is a great song and is ideal for the summer playlist, however then the “ba, ba, baa’s” come back.

- To Kill A King 

If you’re an avid reader of Subba-Cultcha (we presume everyone is!) you'd recognise we've featured these guys a year or so ago so we're definitely big fans. To Kill A King are back with a great track “Compare Scars” and we like it, obviously. The catchy “ah’s” help pick up this track with the reoccurring guitar riffs creating an uplifting feel, the video to the track is rather uplifting too. Check it out!

-Idle Frets

Looking for something a bit quirkier? A bit cooler? Then listen to Idle Fret’s “Aftershow”, a young sound that will get the oldies up and dancing. This is the kind of song where you find yourself doing quick, sharp and definitely uncool dance moves in the mirror- but hey we’re not complaining. Any song that takes over your body and you’re having fun to is a brilliant song!

-Mt. Wolf

Let us open this entry very simply... Mt. Wolf are just incredible. Obviously a similar sound to Bon Iver but the electronic pulsess separate the sound in making them a different and own band. Listening and watching the video to track “Hamburg” Mt. Wolf have done the job in creating perfect quietness, an overpowering and empowering sound that will definitely make you feel emotional. All we can say for this band is to stop what you’re doing and just listen.

-She Drew the Gun

What a way to finish... how do we put this in layman's terms, She Drew The Gun have done the amazing job of just making you listen. She Drew the Gun’s  “If you could see” is slow and cool, beginning with just an acoustic guitar the effects on this track are manipulated and the vocals are highlighted. With drums added, the coolness heightens and I think this song would make a good James Bond song, if you get our drift?  No?  Perhaps we did party a little too hard over the weekend?!