REVIEW album Tanaka Makoni Lust (Single)

Tanaka Makoni Pierces With 'Lust'

Lust (Single)

Tanaka Makoni

Female hip hop has a new name, Tanaka Makoni. The singer who has a knack for dropping smash hits is back with her new single 'Lust'.

Taking us into her world, the singer sings with genuine poise. She speaks about the world around us, and it is easy to get onto her wavelength with her strong sentiment. Also, she sticks true to hip hop but also delves into a new realm of soul and pop. The chorus grips us instantly with an infectious hook. It has a melody which circles the mind, and it is hard to get it out of mind well after listening. The music is on point too, and it adds enough power while not taking away the attention from the main vocal, which is ultimately the focus point.

Kicking off is a softly hit beat with a synth lead which echoes around. It has piercing sentiment, and the lyricism which is on offer provides lots for the imagination. It is conspicuous to hear what the singer is passionate about, but yet she also leaves us guessing at times which is excellent. Therefore, lyrically, she proves she is not just an influential songwriter but also a potent storyteller too.

Overall, it is a sound which I am relishing. I enjoy this new approach to the genre, and the unorthodox style is paying off massively. It is unique, and her vocal delivery slapped me round the cheeks like a wet kipper. So much so, I am super eager to hear what else Tanaka has up her sleeve. If this one is anything to go by, then, her next releases are sure to be a treat too.