REVIEW album No-Uh 98 Baby (Single)

No-Uh Brings The Fire On New EP '98 Baby'

98 Baby (Single)


Born & raised in Tacoma, & currently based out of Seattle, emerging rapper No-Uh has been known for delivering thought-provoking lyricism, tied together with an energetic flow for the last few years. And now he has returned with a truly explosive EP '98 Baby', led by his new single 'Medicine'.

With its big and powerful beats layered underneath his fresh and free-flowing vocals, '98 Baby' makes for a slick and masterfully produced collection that has a reminiscent flow of Eminem and Lil Wayne. Throughout this 10-track EP, he looks to not only show off his stellar rhymes, but also give us an insight into the man behind the sound, opening up about his past experiences with drug use on the release's standout offering 'Medicine'.

There is so much to enjoy on '98 Baby', you'll quickly find yourself listening to this all over again once its over. Fun and catchy throughout, No-Uh is quickly going to become your favourite new rapper on the scene.