REVIEW album Bad Girlfriend Here It Comes (Single)

Behind The Latest Track From Garage Rock Trio Bad Girlfriend

Here It Comes (Single)

Bad Girlfriend

Brummie garage-rock band Bad Girlfriend have dropped latest single 'Here It Comes'! Hailing from the underground music scene of their home town, BRUM RADIO describe the trio as “One of the most wild, unpredictable and exciting bands to step out of Birmingham.”

Take a dive headfirst into the murky depths of Bad Girlfriends most fuzzed-out song to date. Lulling you into a false sense of security with its lush opening chords it instantly plunges you into a surrealist riff-filled land with crashing drums and pulsating bass. It spits you out the other side and leaves you wanting more instantly! Buy the ticket, take the ride. Bad Girlfriend has taken a step away from the live recording approach to hone on in their recorded sound with their latest single 'Here it Comes'. Utilizing the process and talents of producer Mark Gittins at the independent & locally legendary Megatone Studios; a tale reminiscent of losing control and the ensuing waves of the unknown 'Here It Comes' represents Bad Girlfriend's darkest, biggest and most fuzz-drenched effort to date.

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