REVIEW album Near Death Experience Moves (Single)

Near Death Experience Set To Release 'Moves'

Moves (Single)

Near Death Experience

'Moves' is the latest number from the British indie rock group Near Death Experience.

Summer has just stepped up pace thanks to this new release from NDX. They have brought the power, and their sound gives us the kick up the bottom which we all need. Furthermore 'Moves' kicks off with a strong vocal from 'Ian', there is no room for a music intro here, and we are straight into the mix with a gritty and raw performance from the London crooner.

The music then arrives in typical Near Death Experience style. The guitar rhythm is funky and gracious, with a nice mix of sharp tone accompanying it. The drumbeat is on point, and it never misses a trick with its watertight structure. The guitar lead which darts out is intense and a preeminent component of this band's big sound. I also appreciate the change in vibe towards the end of the track with the pace increasing slightly and all instruments bashing down blazingly.

Taking hints from rock greats including T-Rex, the band appear to have blended the best from what we know and added their own characteristic to make for the ultimate recipe. It has an influential drive which is easy to connect with, and the groups worth as musicians is evident with each of them crashing their way through the track triumphantly.

For me, I cannot get enough of this track. Why? Because it is just that little bit offbeat from what we customarily hear in the indie haze. It has a stadium-quality which appears to be in this bands makeup, with their previous hit 'Conquer' also following a comparable manner. Also, it is engaging but yet not annoying, and the chorus and verse hooks fascinate with their top quality burlesque and gritty angle.