REVIEW album Anjelica Maybe It's The Drugs (Single)

Head Over Heels For Dark Pop Goddess Anjelica

Maybe It's The Drugs (Single)


Producer, songwriter ANJELICA takes viewers through a dreamy vignette of NYC in the new video “Maybe It’s the Drugs”. As she navigates through the realities of her mind, life, and experiences living in one of the world's most electric and artistically conflicted cities, we get a deeper understanding of how it transformed her.

ANJELICA opens up about the transcendental experiences she had while living in NYC. In lyrics, “I wish I could explain the codes that I’m sent, language does not do them justice… I’m still trying to understand why they’re so clear in my conscience?” and “Gets so deep in my head, feels like I’m crazy sometimes…” She compares her time spent in NYC to one long psychedelic trip that changed her perception of reality.

ANJELICA is creating her own path, bridging the familiar sound of “dark-pop” music with an otherworldly narrative.

ANJELICA brings an elevated sense of truth and vulnerability to the dark-pop music genre. Listeners received a taste of her forthcoming projects through her debut single “Good Ones” that she further accompanied with a stripped acoustic version and a stunning video to accompany. Through her music, a gravitational pull ignites and ANJELICA brings us together in an expression of shared loss and the capacity to find strength in the darkest of times. Self-written and produced, her works deliver an intuitive sound that is distinctly her own. ANJELICA released her first single through eXotichouse, distribution through EMPIRE on March 30, 2020. This single will be followed with a collection of releases throughout the year. “Maybe It’s The Drugs” reigns as her second single of 2020.