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Matthew The Oxx’s Debut Examines The Inevitable End

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Following the legacy of his music-orientated family, ‘Matthew the Oxx’ releases his life insight guide to accepting the inevitability that we are ‘born for the fall, the undertakers call’, titled ‘First Aid for the Drowning’.

Matthew Oldfield, a man who constantly questions the legitimacy of life through a thorough breakdown of his own attempts to dot the i’s and possibly the y’s of existence. His euphorically-drunk singing style breathes nostalgia as the gentle pluck of the banjo/guitar mixed with the splash symbols brings to mind a scene of incredible vastness, a space which can never be filled.

Touching topics of life long experiences and short-lived mishaps including trouble with the law, love being a commodity and the limbo state, all leading up to the deathbed farewell. The inevitable ‘end of the road’ is a large factor within Matthew’s music, but although the concept of being predestined to enter the earth may seem a daunting and quite frankly frightening notion, ‘life’ (as it is described by the artist), is ‘a condition of growth and change that transcends relativity’.

An interesting perception of just how each passing year of success or turmoil can alter the way you perceive death. Whether greeted as an old friend or shunned as a time-snatcher however, the message is clear and that message is that regardless of an undeniable fate, the only alteration it should make to any lifestyle is to encourage a fruitful outlook to the time that remains.

The echo of the folk greats is not a coincidence in any case. Bob Dylan being a huge influence towards his song writing and having first hand experience keeping the company of his father’s long-time companion Leonard Cohen, Matthew has subsequently accumulated a pick’ n mix collective sound of all those he is inspired by as well as adding a more than healthy portion of originality.

A beautifully vivid poet who not only writes like one but also bares the same realist principles most saddle themselves with. The soundtrack to the man of continuous questions would be suggestively suitable for times of great consideration, intense self-evaluation or even a warm evening of gentle contemplation.

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Words by Nathan Roach