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Glue70 Presents The 12-Track Summer Inducing Mega Album -'2070'



Majestic Casuals glue70 has certainly been busy of late. Having made a vast and unique impact already this year, the young producer, musician & singer-songwriter has dropped two double single releases throughout June and July in the lead up to this huge 12-track project.

Containing 6 new, unheard tunes; 'Throwback', 'Eden', 'Roll The Dice' ft Kin Kai, 'Work Clothes', 'Stay' and the single track 'Observe' featuring the blissful vocals of Katie Miller. Combined with 6 previously released and well known tunes, this album is the perfect pairing of the old and the new, the well loved and the newly discovered, a half and half split that echoes the balance of Yin & Yang. Simply put, 2070 is the soundtrack made for your summer time listening pleasures.