REVIEW album KYRI Waves (EP)

KYRI Returns With Diverse New EP 'Waves'

Waves (EP)


After the release of his breakthrough singles 'Red River' and 'Sanctuary' in recent months, emerging London-based artist KYRI has returned to share his new EP 'Waves', which also features the new single 'Internet'.

With a rich and diverse sound, the singer and songwriter takes on an eclectic array of directions that blend the worlds of RnB and alt-pop to create a wonderfully sweeping new collection. Filled with bright and euphoric elements, all wrapped up in a piano-soaked aesthetic, his latest work encapsulates all that we have come to love about KYRI in recent times.

Taking his huge and euphoric sound to new levels, 'Waves' is one of those truly impressive spectacles that will see him grow from a humble name into one of the UK's most impressive acts working today.


  • I loved the song! Thanks John for such wonderful and appropriate review. As a music student I could really connect your words in the review with the song's euphoric soundscape