REVIEW album Chloe Chadwick Devil's Game (Single)

Chloe Chadwick - Best Female And Best British Country Act Nominee Releases New Single About Gambling Addiction

Devil's Game (Single)

Chloe Chadwick

After releasing her breakout debut album 'Dustbowl Jukebox' in recent years that reached the iTune country chart top 20 in 2017, the emerging Cheshire-based English artist Chloe Chadwick came up with her latest single called 'Devil's Game'.

'Devil's Game' has a nice thick texture of alt/pop and country-pop. Chole’s bold and warm voice produces a mild nostalgia of 90’s pop/alt songs. The classic pop music soundscape of the song lets you feel the lyrics and imagine the plot of the story.
I believe the quality of the production is flawless.