REVIEW album The Wildernesss - If I Have To Die (Single)

The Wilderness - 'If I HaveTo Die' - Single Review

If I Have To Die (Single)

The Wildernesss -

Post apocalyptic pop rock song anyone? Maybe a statement oft heard these days with the current situation we are in. Maybe not?!!! Every band now has a lockdown song and why wouldn't that be the case? Some good some bad, some dreadful! Fortunately 'If I Have To Die' by The Wilderness delivers the goods. And then some. There's a kind of indie majesty to this tune that is not that often heard. It's maybe a song to a lover? Or at least a loved one. Part Springsteen part The National, but all good. 'If I Have To Die' is a question we maybe all ask ourselves? What would you do if you have to die? Who will it be with, where would it be? Heavy topic but wrapped up in a great tune. We hear an LP is on the horizon from these guys. That's got to be a good thing if this is an indication of whats inside. Do yourself a favour and check these guys out. But do remember to wear a mask.