REVIEW album Oscar Merry Cower (Single)

Oscar Merry Unleashes 'Cower'

Cower (Single)

Oscar Merry

'Cower' is the latest gift to grace our ears with Oscar Merry shining radiantly with a track which comes sharper than serpents tooth.

The musician who now resides in Bath having spent most of his life in nearby Bristol is catapulting himself forward at speed. His sound is anthemic, and it would not sit out of place blasting out of the sound system at a festival mainstage. A robust intro leads us into the track perfectly, with a strong guitar melody which pulls us in instantly. It comes bold, and a crunchy guitar rhythm leaps out to give it even more power.

Another guitar layer then arrives, which makes the track even much punchy, and it builds into something colossal with the drums picking up the pace and thumping away in the background with genuine reliance. Vocally, Oscar lends an unforgivably contagious performance with him standing out distinctly on his own. As a result, I cannot mirror his vocals elsewhere in the modern industry, and he proves his ability to stay well away from the status quo.

Structurally the track follows a generic pattern. But, I enjoy how Oscar mixes up the sound regularly, and his vocals often shift between soft and hard. The chorus is loud, and it leads us into the most audacious finales to a rock track which I have heard in recent times. The ending is enormous, and it will have you headbanging along with its fast tempo within seconds. For me, it is one of the most exciting rock tracks to come out of the UK this year, and it is just one of many great tracks from his EP 'Unfurl'.